Production Notes

Bumping off Burt first came across my desk back in the Spring of 2006.

I had been in development on another script called Jacking Katherine, which we had optioned two years earlier but circumstances weren't right at the time and Jacking Katherine got pushed to the back burner.

About the same time I was reviewing other scripts to add to our production schedule and came across a unique comedy/mystery by a successful mystery novelist named Malcolm McClintick. The story revolved around a small group of diner patrons who are pushed to their limit by a gross and obnoxious patron named Burt.

After one read through, I knew that Bumping off Burt was the project we were looking for. I immediately called Malcolm to see if the script was still available, and discuss our vision for his script (which fortunately was the same as his). In a matter of days all the logistics were finalized and "Burt" moved into pre-production.

Since the story was written for an ensemble cast, we new we would need to find the right combination of actors to bring the characters to life. We decided to hold open auditions and received over two hundred responces to our initial announcement. Eventually the number of applicants was reduced to around one hundred, and after two days of intense auditions, we had our cast.

Principal photography for Burt took place over three weeks in July of 2006, with an additional week of pickup shots filmed on various days in August. All together, the production ran for twenty-one days.

Editing for the film began in September of 2006 and a first cut was ready by mid October. From there, the film began a little more than a years worth of audio post-production at Q Station studios in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the everything from ADR and Foley, to music scoring and the surround mixing was performed.

The soundtrack contains nearly one full hour of original music, including forty-three minutes of orchestral score composed by Aaron Fulkerson and three original songs by artist Jeff Phillips (


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